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Cumulus Test Drive

Description Cumulus Linux Test Drive
Components Cumulus Linux
Resource requirements1 2
2 GB
Topology file lab-start.clab.yml
Name cvx03
Version information2 cvx:4.3.0 docker-ce:19.03.13
Authors Michael Kashin


The lab is a 5-node topology with 2 servers attached to a pair of leaf switches and a single spine switch.

Use cases#

This is a "Cumulus Test Drive" topology designed to provide an overview of NVIDIA Cumulus Linux. It can be used together with a series of self-paced hands-on labs:

  1. Interface Configuration (Lab2) -- learn how to configure L2 (access, trunk, LAG) and L3 (SVI and VRR) interfaces.
  2. BGP Unnumbered (Lab3) -- learn how to configure BGP unnumbered between leaf and spine switches and advertise locally connected interfaces.


Everything from Lab1 is already pre-configured when the topology is created with lab-start.clab.yml.

Additionally, the lab directory contains a lab-final.clab.yml which will load final configurations as they appear at the end of Lab3.

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with the installation guides for additional information. 

  2. The lab has been validated using these versions of the required tools/components. Using versions other than stated might lead to a non-operational setup process.