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BGP VPLS Deep dive

Description BGP VPLS between Nokia SR OS and Juniper vMX
Components Nokia SR OS, Juniper vMX
Resource requirements1 2
7-10 GB
Lab location hellt/bgp-vpls-lab
Topology file vpls.clab.yml
Version information2 containerlab:0.10.1, vr-sros:20.10.R1, vr-vmx:20.4R1.12, docker-ce:19.03.13, vrnetlab3
Authors Roman Dodin


This lab demonstrates how containerlab can be used in a classical networking labs where the prime focus is not on the containerized NOS, but on a classic VM-based routers.

The topology created in this lab matches the network used in the BGP VPLS Deep Dive article:


It allows readers to follow through the article with the author and create BGP VPLS service between the Nokia and Juniper routers using configuration snippets provided within the lab repository.

As the article was done before Nokia introduced MD-CLI, the configuration snippets for SR OS were translated to MD-CLI.


  1. Ensure that your host supports virtualization and/or nested virtualization in case of a VM.
  2. Install4 containerlab.
  3. Build if needed, vrnetlab container images for the routers used in the lab.
  4. Clone lab repository.
  5. Deploy the lab topology clab dep -t vpls.clab.yml

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with the installation guides for additional information. Memory deduplication techniques like UKSM might help with RAM consumption. 

  2. The lab has been validated using these versions of the required tools/components. Using versions other than stated might lead to a non-operational setup process. 

  3. Router images are built with vrnetlab v0.2.3. To reproduce the image, checkout to this commit and build the relevant images. Note, that you might need to use containerlab of the version that is stated in the description. 

  4. If installing the latest containerlab, make sure to use the latest hellt/vrnetlab project as well, as there might have been changes with the integration. If unsure, install the containerlab version that is specified in the lab description.