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Description Arista BGP EVPN
Components Arista cEOS
Resource requirements1 4
8 GB
Topology file ceos-evpn-overlaid.clab.yml
Version information2 containerlab:0.19.1
Authors Dharmesh Shah and Dave Varnum


The topology and configs are based on the Arista BGP EVPN – Configuration Example.

All credits belong to the Original Author.

This is a cEOS (Arista Container for EOS) based EVPN VXLAN topology to illustrate following concepts

  1. MLAG
  2. L2 EVPN
  3. L3 EVPN


  1. Install containerlab.
  2. Clone hellt/clabs repository
  3. Change into arista-bgp-evpn repository and deploy the lab topology:

    git clone
    cd labs/arista-bgp-evpn
    containerlab dep -t ceos-evpn-overlaid.clab.yml
  4. Follow the original blog post and perform the configurations, or use the provided resulting configs from the configs directory.

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with the installation guides for additional information. Memory deduplication techniques like UKSM might help with RAM consumption. 

  2. The lab has been validated using these versions of the required tools/components. Using versions other than stated might lead to a non-operational setup process.