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Network Unit Testing With NUTS

Description Network Unit Testing System (Show case)
Components Nokia SR Linux
Resource requirements1 4
8 GB
Topology file setup.clos02.clab.yml
Version information2 containerlab:0.44.3, gnmic:0.31.7, srlinux:23.3.3
Authors Urs Baumann


The lab is heavily based on the 5-stage Clos fabric from ContainerLab

The client1 is replaced with a Python container image and NUTS will be installed on it. Clients 2 to 4 are running a Linux container with an SSH service.

The router images are Nokia SR Linux. To be able to use NAPALM, the community driver is used.


  1. Install containerlab.
  2. Clone lab repository.
  3. Deploy the lab topology containerlab deploy -t setup.clos02.clab.yml
  4. Execute ./ to confure the network and setup the hosts
  5. Follow the original README to run and change the network tests.

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with the installation guides for additional information. Memory deduplication techniques like KSM might help with RAM consumption. 

  2. The lab has been validated using these versions of the required tools/components. Using versions other than stated might lead to a non-operational setup process.