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Opensource catalog of containerlab based labs.

The purpose of this catalog is to aggregate various labs built with containerlab project as well as to provide a platform for community members to share their labs and explain various use cases.


A few high-level categories were created to coarsely sort the lab submissions. At this moment the categories are:

  • Routing & Switching
  • Telemetry
  • Automation
  • Security

The reason for having a small number of very broad categories is to have a high-level structure in place. This categories are not meant to be the means for searching the specific lab or technology, but rather to provide a way to browse the labs sorted with these categories.

We encourage visitors to use site search when looking for a specific lab/protocol/technology stack. The search is powerful and will yield better results.


We believe in the community effort and encourage you to consider contributing your lab to this opensource and unaffiliated catalog.

If you built a lab and you want to have a platform that offers a beautiful front end for your use case explanation consider raising a Pull Request with your submission.

You can choose whether you want to host your clab files in this repo' labs directory, or in your own repository - both options are fine.

Additionally, you might want to consider explaining the use cases for which you built a lab by adding a documentation article that goes along with a lab - like this CMP lab here.

Or you can keep the explanation of the use case in your own repo/blog and just add a reference to it, as we did with this BGP VPLS lab.